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Get some sporting inspiration this summer in your garden

Posted by editor on July 6, 2014
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This year has to be one of the busiest for major sporting events for decades. Whether you’re a tennis fan, a footy fan, have a soft spot for a man in lyrca, perhaps Bradley Wiggins does it for you, or are looking forward to the track and field events coming soon at the Commonwealth Games, there’s a sporting event for everyone in your family this summer.

Have a bit of fun in your garden and make a sporting themed floral display, ideal to brighten a tired looking corner of your garden. With the holidays just around the corner this is an ideal way to get the children involved in gardening and away from their computers enjoying some fresh air and sunshine in the garden with you. You never know but they may feel inspired to take up a new sport too!

First you will need to find some props so take a visit to a car boot sale, auction rooms or your local charity shops to find a great selection of vintage sporting kit from bats to bikes you will find loads of bargains to transform your garden. Then you will need to stock up on plants from a good nursery, see Find Nurseries for contacts. Now let’s get creative….

Our Top Ideas for Sporty Gardening Fun!


  1. Tennis - Use wooden tennis rackets for a display on a wall – you could use them as an alternative to trellis for a colourful clematis.


  1. Croquet hoops always looks super on a well manicured lawn, and you can pay hundreds of pounds for a smart boxed set but these days you can pick them up from a range of high street shops or look out for a bargain in the summer sales.


  1. Football crazy - If you have a footy mad member of your family and are a bit fed up with the plastic goal post – grow something tuff up the sides to soften them – like an ivy.


  1. Fancy a dip –  with some pond dipping this summer.  Find an old plastic sand pit and add some soil to the bottom, fill up with water and add some pond loving plants to attract wildlife. And while frogs and newts are enjoying their new habitat why not treat yourself the kids to a new super size paddling pool.


  1. Running shoes – Most people have an old pair of trainers or walking boots lying around in a cupboard or garden shed. Fill them with soil and plant them up with some bright annuals or fragrant flowers to get rid of any smelly feet aromas. Place by your front door and they will bring a smile to any visitors. You could even do these as a charity fundraiser and ask your friends and family to have a go too. Ask people to vote for their favourite shoes – after all it’s just for fun!
  1. Cycling Summer is the perfect time for a bike ride so dust off the dirt, pump the tyres up and discover some new bike tracks. There are hundreds of them all over the country. Sustrans have a load of resources to help you find great rides and advice on safe cycling. If you feel inspired by the Tour De France from Yorkshire then check out the nearest SkyRides – cycle tours with guides.


Looking for inspiration – The staff at Perrywood have created some wonderful displays using old bikes and plenty of flowers ….

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