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Kenneth Cox showed a remarkable ability to learn plant names by the age of two: he was able to name all the illustrations in his plant book and he used to impress Mr Davidian, the rhododendron expert, by pointing out indumentum on rhododendron leaves. Kenneth was not particularly interested in rhododendrons until he spent 6 months in America working for Ted Van Veen and Harold Greer when he was 17. He found to his dismay that the Americans expected him to be a rhododendron expert. Luckily he had time to absorb the Cox rhododendron books and by the time he returned to Glendoick he had begun research on the book which would become The Encylopaedia of Rhododendron Hybrids.

Kenneth has carved out his particular niche in the world of plant-hunting in leading 9 expeditions to South and South-East Tibet and Arunachal Pradesh, India, 1995-to the present. He graduated in 1986 at the University of Birmingham, England with a BA in General Arts and a diploma in commerce. Kenneth Cox is an experienced lecturer on rhododendrons, horticulture and exploration and has toured America and New Zealand, as well as speaking in the U.K. and Europe. Recently talks have been given at literary festivals, botanical gardens, specialist societies as well as The Royal Scottish Geographical Society and Royal Society for Asiatic Affairs.

Kenneth is managing director of the family firm Glendoick Gardens Ltd in Scotland. Kenneth is keen on modern languages, speaking several. He is married with two sons and in his spare time plays several musical instruments. Kenneth’s wife Jane took over the running of the Restaurant at Glendoick and has tripled the turnover of the cafe and opened the foodhall, formerly the Food Library Food Hall and winning the ‘Garden Centre Restaurant of the Year’ in 2006, 2008 and 2010.

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There are few nurseries in Britain that can boast such a fantastic legacy as ...
There are few nurseries in Britain that can boast such a fantastic legacy as Glendoick, in fact they are probably ...